The Wonderful World of Color Grading

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Want to know how to Color Grade? Don't hesitate and learn yourself the skill of Color Grading!

Color Grading might be the most essential part of editing. Knowing how to make your content come to life is not so easy. Color Grading is something you need to learn to get the best out of your edits. With this course you will learn everything about Color Grading. 

What does the course offer? 

  • Guidance in the Color Grading process in 20 min.
  • How to create and apply
  • Learning how to choose the kind of Color Grade
  • Explanation by voice over and film screen
  • Including free LUTs
  • Help from our expert during/after the course

Learn yourself the ability to Color Grade and you will see that your edits will become the best of the best.

Our mission is to help editors become the best version of themselves. Our goal is to reach all you guys and make learning to edit affordable.

Keep going and let's make sure you will be a master at it!