Combined Overlays Bundle - 750+

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Turn Ordinary Videos into Extraordinary Masterpieces with our Creative Overlays made by Professional Graphic Designers...
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Take your video editing skills to the next level with the magic of overlays. These versatile tools open a world of possibilities, allowing you to add captivating visual elements that enhance your storytelling.

The Overlays Collection is a combined bundle consisting of:

100+ Anamorphic Lens Flares and Light Leaks
100+ VHS Overlays Presets
100+ Analog Film Frames
50+ Super 8mm Fillm Grains and Textures
50+ CRT Motion Plates
25+ Graphic Film Details

100+ 16mm Film Grains and Textures
100+ Modern X (CRT) Presets
100+ Split Frames Presets

This bundle will make your videos completely authentic and 

within a few clicks you can instantly elevate and transform the look and feel of your projects!

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  • • 750+ Presets
  • • 4K, Full HD and Social Media Aspect Ratios (Story, Square and Vertical) included
  • • Drag and drop
  • • Original handcrafted designs
  • Compatible with every video editing software on Mac and Windows
  • • Direct Digital Download
  • • Commercial License included
Look and feel of all our film assets:
Examples of the assets that are included:
Examples of the Modern X Bundle:
Examples of the 8mm, 16mm and 35mm film textures:
Examples of the VHS Retro Bundle:
Examples of the Split Frame Presets:
Examples of the Lens Flares and Light Leaks:

And many more...